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The King and the Tamarind Drum

The King and the Tamarind Drum.


Technology linked lesson plan-by RIESI

Class (name, type of
student): Teaching
Grammar – Preposition of
U Intermediate
Duration: 90 mins
Technology component
downloaded from/
accessed in class at:
Preposition Song
downloaded from
Preposition Quiz – http://
Song for Listening ‘If I
were’ by Beyonce
downloaded from
Other Material:
3 problem solving
pictures to be completed
using Prepositions of
direction such as out of,
along, through, into etc…
(adapted from the book
‘Meanings into Words’,
Unit 6, Cambridge
University Press)
A handout containing
dialogue between a
tourist and a man for
Review of previous
lesson: Teaching of
grammar in context and
inductive method of
teaching grammar.
Objectives of this lesson
(tell students about them):
By the end of the lesson
(A) trainee teachers
(B) will be able to use
prepositions indicating
directions in speech and
(C) after listening to songs,
taking part in role-play and
doing problem solving
activities and
(D) they should be able to
answer the questions in the
quiz correctly by using
appropriate direction
Presentation (teacher or
student), including key
Problem solving, critical
thinking, using appropriate
direction prepositions,
grammar in context,
inductive method of
teaching of grammar.
Activity (student)
1. Warm up and interaction
2. Teacher gives pre-
listening instructions,
teacher distributes the song
‘If I were a girl’ containing
gaps to be filled up by the
participants after listening
to the song ‘If I were a girl’
by Beyonce
3. Students listen to the
song twice and fill up the
blanks in the song and
complete the song. They
identify the prepositions
in the song
4. Teacher distributes a
handout containing the
dialogue between a tourist
and a man. They do pair-
work. 5 groups role-play the
dialogues before the class
5. Teacher asks them
questions about the
direction prepositions used
in the conversation. They
identify the direction
and analyze the context in
which they are used.
Teacher generates a
discussion in this regard
6. Teacher divides the class
into 6 groups. Each group is
given a problem solving
activity is to describe a
picture using appropriate
direction preposition. The
problem solving Activity 1 is
to describe a path taken by
a burglar using proper
direction preposition.
Activity 2 is to describe the
path of the direction of a
river. Activity 3 is to
describe the direction taken
by a soldier for completing
his exercise using
appropriate preposition of
7. The teacher participants
work in group. There will be
group discussion. Teacher
monitors the group work.
They describe the picture
in group using appropriate
direction preposition. All the
groups present their
findings before the class.
Teacher consolidate the
8. Discussion in the class
regarding the use of
prepositions indicating the
9. Teacher distributes a song
containing different types of
prepositions. Learners sing
the song individually and in
pairs. 6 teachers present
the preposition song before
the class. Teacher plays the
audio and video of the song
before the class.
Learning styles
addressed: Audio,
kinesthetic problem solving,
communication, etc…
Technology alternative (in
case things don’t work as
planned): Recorded version
of song in CD ROM and
Review before the end of
the class session: How to
teach grammar in second
language classroom, need
for teaching grammar in
context, teaching grammar
from examples to rule
making, teaching grammar
inductively, promoting
discovery learning, critical
thinking, etc…
a) Preparing a lesson plan
for teaching grammar in
b) Identifying online or
technology based materials
c) Preparing the lesson plan
in pairs